We are not financial advisors. We are here to educate and empower you. Only 1% of people are financially free…

This number is way too low. And if you don´t belong to the top 1% the very reason is not that you can´t but nobody has taught you so far.

Now it´s time to learn and grow. Because you know that you can´t afford not to educate yourself. The times are long gone where you could rely on politicians, pension funds and your current job.

And learning about money management, investing and passive income can be a lot of fun as well. Our participants from 8 to 88 can testify that.

Michèl Keller

Entrepreneur, International Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Expert in communication, success and peak performance

Within 14 months, a once financially struggling actor became financially free. Today, Michèl is traveling the world teaching thousands of students how to achieve the same in a record time.

Michèl is a highly sought-after international success & peak performance coach and mentor. Over the last 25 years, he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations to maximize their marketing and increase their sales and income up to 75% in a matter of weeks.

He has been working with large corporations (DAX) as well as small business owners. Currently, he has several businesses and passive income streams working for him, has published 2 books (the next one is on its way) and he is financially free.

In his “free time” he is one of only a dozen trainers worldwide teaching “Millionaire Mind Intensive” by T. Harv Eker on how to change your money mindset in 3 days organized by the worlds largest seminar provider Sucess Resources.

His mission is to change 1 million lives in the next 10 years to become successful and financially free.

Are you willing to take the right steps to change your future today?

„The systems works! When you start connecting the dots, life becomes so much easier. The question is: Are you taking action, will you implement and then stick to it?“