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Start by thanking the reader, and if possible, include a direct link to the content, so they can access it immediately. You are focused on getting tasks done and interacting with others in a highly professional manner. 1) Send the welcome email immediately. Email marketing definitely rules the world in promotion and marketing of brands in B2B. Great post! Really nice article to read. Here are 8 examples that prove B2B email marketing doesn't have to be underwhelming, ugly, or forgettable. Let’s break down the components of Social Report’s email, and how they all add up to efficiently promote the Smart Inbox product. Paulius15 min readTips and resourcesAugust 24, 2020. That’s why 3 in 4 companies think email provides excellent ROI.. It’s simple, it’s personalized, and it’s a neat way of reminding your new leads why they signed up in the first place! In in the mid-19th century, newspaper vendors would shout out when there was newer “news”. You can set up a B2B re-engagement campaign targeting inactive subscribers. Let your product speak for itself, and your audience will see the benefits of becoming your customers. Thanks for the examples. In order to take your B2B marketing to the next level, check out other successful email marketing examples for some inspiration. Email marketing is powerful because it builds long-term relationships. When to send: Monthly. Some questions to keep in mind as you review these emails: Smart B2B email design goes a looooong way in generating leads, so take the time to note what resonates, and what doesn’t. B2B email marketing examples. By doing this, they position themselves as the company with the most valuable firsthand knowledge about how jobs best get done and what individuals need from the modern-day workspace. Just like in the example above, keep the email short, benefit driven and include a call to action, which asks the reader to download the guide from a dedicated landing page. In addition to the thank you, you can also provide links to your resource page and a link to your product page (just like Unbounce do). These examples are super relevant. Very useful! Xero – another B2B accountancy software, has run this successful campaign. Your business self is rational and goal-oriented. However, what Buffer does really well is follow up with the user and asks for a referral. These B2B email examples are very valuable for me, so thank you for posting it! You can either include all of the company news within the email or itself, or link the email to a landing page. An announcement email builds hype and gets your subscribers involved. Thanks for sharing. How will you measure your efforts? Thanks for sharing these examples. Let’s dive in. You already know why you need an email list and how to grow one. A subscriber needs to opt-in to your email campaigns. If you work in a B2B company that uses a CRM or other software tools, you should be able to access data on your product life cycles, customer behaviors, and other insights into your target audience. Below is an example of a B2B engagement email from Hubspot. We signed up to 1,000 newsletters and have collected the best B2B email marketing examples we could find, including email samples from Buffer, VWO, Kissmetrics and Headspace that you can copy and paste. Here are some questions to ask before you send any email out: First impressions count. Use the tips and examples above to create your next winning email. Thank you! So to help more of you reap the benefits of welcome emails – and to give those of you already using them some ideas for improvements – here are 12 best practices for B2B welcome emails, complete with a slew of examples. How to implement: While hosting an event can be expensive and time consuming, there’s no better way to get face-time with prospects and create a relationship than event marketing. You land on their site; They push you to sign up via an email to get an immediate discount (that you are encouraged to use in 60 minutes or less –– GENIUS) Then you get an immediate welcome email (with an additional ad on the side). I am still a student and learning about emails, and how i love it. It’s a great way to engage on a new level with your audience. Email Blast Examples: The B2B Guide to Email Marketing These days B2B marketers have to choose from a seemingly endless selection of different campaign options. So you just attended an awesome event. Accounting direct mail example by Sage. Again, it is offered as a free gift to their subscribers. Share it with your audience! If you found this post valuable, please tweet about it here! Ideally, you will communicate this BEFORE the update is rolled out, to give your users a heads up, but communicating it on the same day works too. In order to find real success with B2B email marketing, it is crucial that you create a solid B2B email marketing plan that resonates with your business goals. Here’s an announcement email for Social Report’s new product, Smart Inbox. You use words like, ‘touch base’, ‘add value’ and ‘best in class’. Far too many companies fail to acknowledge their customers. (Spoiler: it's old school hip hop). It only has to be a few key thoughts, but it shows your audience that you’re up to speed and that you care about the industry. Now that's out of the way, let’s get started! These tools are quite cost-effective and their freemium plan offers a lot of features too. The second path is that the free trial user doesn’t become a customer, and therefore the communication comes to an end. It could be that they've moved on from where they were when they originally signed up or that the topics are no longer of interest. – I agree with you completely! The following are 3 great examples of B2B emails that work. Great post! "The role of email as a measurable, cost-effective marketing channel is clear." Driven by a passion for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SuperOffice makes award winning CRM software for sales, marketing and customer service. Confirming the opt-in status of your contacts is considered as a B2B re-engagement strategy. Norway, GDPR and email marketing best practices here, approximately 40% of your email list in inactive, 36% of B2B buyers’ seek out white paper content during the initial stage of the buying process, webinars are one of the most effective ways of speaking directly to your potential customers, study by BrightCove and Content Marketing Institute, 80% of marketers’ rate “live demo’s with sales reps” as the most effective way to generate high quality leads, Far too many companies fail to acknowledge their customers, a measurable, cost-effective marketing channel, one of the 59% of companies that do not use email marketing, Relationship Funnel: A Guide to a Relationship-Led Marketing Strategy, Relationship Marketing: How to Put the Spotlight on Relationships in Business, A question or an invite to start a conversation. Conclusion. If you’re exploring email software for your B2B business, Mailigen is a great place to start. 3 B2B Email Newsletter Examples. Everyone loves stories. When to send: Quarterly or two times per year. A B2B case study is a chance for you to tell your story while also exhibiting your expertise with a real example of success. Congratulations, the free trial period is over. However, email is often the most surefire way to get your name or your company’s name in front of your B2B prospects; nearly half of all employees check their work email every few hours. Defines clear goals - What do you want your audience to do? I will sure keep in mind these extra points I got from this post on B2B email marketing. We’ve made you this handy email marketing cheat sheet, to make sure your strategy ticks all the right boxes. You can have the best B2B cold email templates, magnetic subject lines, and tight sweater-knit copy, but you’ll still be stuck with stagnant closing rates without this one thing: Research. Again, you want to hit the sweet spot and make your emails eye appealing but not bombard readers with excessive visual stimuli. And whatever you do, don’t fire out random emails and hope that something sticks! Each week, CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics founder, Hiten Shah sends a roundup of his favorite posts on topics that include SaaS, marketing, sales and growth. Most of your existing or potential customers would probably love to be recognized as thought leaders. Your prospective clients will provide their contact details for one reason: they believe you can offer them value. By dividing subscribers into smaller, more targeted groups, email marketers report an average increase in revenue of 760% from their segmented email campaigns. How to implement: Whenever you have news to share, such as winning an award, changes to product offering or new pricing options, for example, announce this news to your subscriber list. Include branded imagery. There’s no better way to promote an event that to invite people that already know who your company is and what you do. That means that you should be informing customers of updates, sharing new products, and offering advice on how to get the most out of your service. Before we begin, here's a quick reminder that you need permission to send emails to your subscribers. Survey emails works best when you want to review your participants and collect valuable insights. Creating a successful B2B email doesn’t have to be arduous. A welcome email is the first impression that an organization makes with its new subscribers. Keep the survey short, as no one likes to spend more than 5-10 minutes on a survey, to increase response rates. In the email, make sure you introduce yourself and company. In either case, there is hope. So to help more of you reap the benefits of welcome emails – and to give those of you already using them some ideas for improvements – here are 12 best practices for B2B welcome emails, complete with a slew of examples. The intro offers a look back at some of the company’s accomplishments during the year, and a few linked content marketing pieces serve as valuable tools that clients can use for their end-of-year reporting. You can generate leads, share product news and build long-term relationships. Our free plan lets you send up to 12,000 emails per month, with exclusive access to email automation, advanced segmentation and campaign reports. However, you need to get the word out and inform them so they are aware of these changes. Upsell Email. thank you for this! I'm Paulius, SEO Manager at MailerLite. The sender addresses me by my name and writes a bit about some articles that she read on my blog. Does it list features, rather than benefits? Share your opinion on what is worth seeing. They see whitespace and color combinations in B2B marketing in a different light. Thanks for sharing all of these B2B email marketing examples, Steven! Remember to focus on the results part as this is where the real value lies! How to implement: Whether you use this example for new blog post content or article content, you can copy and paste the content directly into the email, like Gerry does, or provide a link to the webpage and drive readers to your website. Fantastic list of email examples. Email marketing allows you to reach your customers from anywhere, on any device, and help them. Write a long-form piece of content that delves into these topics, and show your audience that you’re up to speed with everything that’s happening. According to Epsilon, approximately 40% of your email list in inactive! A B2B sales email refers to the content that might help your prospects to know about your products or services in detail. 2 Tools To Optimize Your Email Marketing. Great stuff! When someone requests to unsubscribe, you have the honor it. Using a no-reply email address screams to the recipient: “This email is coming from a robot.” If possible, send from a real person’s email. Explain how your product or service changed a customer’s life. Email is quickly becoming the preferred method for the B2B marketers, it takes longer to send an email than a social media message, so the fact that you took the time to respond and creates a connection with who you are emailing. This is a great collection of email examples, and good thing is that most of them can be automated. The email: The results: Why it worked: This medical device manufacturer wanted to get in front of cardiothoracic surgeons, a notoriously busy and difficult-to-reach group. I can really use these for inspiration after a disappointing split test of subject lines and email content. This is broken down into a series of 4 different emails: Grammarly includes a ‘wrinkle in time’ badge, a clever way of noting the time that has passed. Email marketing is powerful because it builds long-term relationships. Different business relationships (e.g. However, I want to add a valid point on buying an email list. Created a limited edition product? Build connections to your website, company blog or other online resources such as surveys that will create value, deliver insights and deepen your relationship with your clients. You might: Case studies are valuable to B2B marketers because they show your subscribers your solution in action! This email is a great way of restarting the conversation and reminding the user that they can use the product, or get answers to any questions they may have. You can connect with Steven on LinkedIn and Twitter. Build a reputation as a brand that cares about their customers by personalizing your emails. In fact, 85% of B2B marketers are using email for lead generation. Hey.. it happens, but sometimes, people want to stop receiving emails from you. Your B2B cold emails are guaranteed to fail without this. And the focus of the email is clear. What happened? Upsell Email. You give your contacts the opportunity to confirm their opt-in status by clicking a CTA. Below is an example of a B2B engagement email from Hubspot. The email talks about how easy it is to use the Asana platform to communicate with your team and to manage the various projects you are handling. But if you’re new to the B2B email marketing game, we have a few examples of clever B2B email marketing campaigns to inspire you: 1. eROI. 13. In fact, it’s necessary. … Keep up the good work! Great Article! I want to make a point that email marketing can create wonders if used the right way. Great work. It’s numbers like these that makes email marketing so valuable. Excellent piece! When it comes to using a simple, logical structure that allows readers to navigate an email with ease, this example is the gold standard. The results are the most important part of a case study. 2010 - 2021 © MailerLite. You don't need a fancy design either! What do you think of these 21 B2B email marketing examples? They're way underused. The template below is an example of how this could work for a cold B2B email: Subject: What you should know about [service (e.g., payroll, inside sales, marketing)] Hey [First Name], Hands down, email marketing is your most effective B2B marketing option. Well, what usually happens after a free trial is the communication takes one of two paths; the first path is that the free trial user becomes a paying customer – Whoohoo! In this article, we’ll show you the best practices on how to break through the B2B email marketing clutter—and how to do it in style. Asking a question is a great way to quickly deliver a cold email. (This is exactly why more companies are investing in account-based marketing.). For example, many B2B organizations in the service industry offer two payment versions, i.e., monthly or annually. As for the email itself, the focus is on getting people to participate, so make it clear what you want the reader to do. Thank you! Interesting case study and very useful tips. Your email will be used to send you our new blog posts and updates. The following are 3 great examples of B2B emails that work. I read Your post and I've really loved it. Months after you launch your B2B email campaign, you might notice that some subscribers are becoming inactive. That they offer the option to cancel at anytime email content to suit justice... The day, you have access to information or insights that your customers from anywhere, on device. This video b2b email examples, which is memorable and google for their accounting software which is free or a paid,! On Developing a B2B re-engagement strategy what email initiatives are you using email for lead nurturing or marketing... About B2B email marketing allows you to send: Each time you send any out... Being fined by the GDPR so well, everyone uses it templates as well as and... Acknowledge their customers by personalizing your emails 4 companies think email provides excellent ROI a date with your will... Audience has sent out an email to offer them a discount attending conferences and business-to-business events, let ’ really. You host an event, invite your email their jobs marketing is done by email a is... Others in a row behaviour – and therefore, very effective personalized email, almost half no. We begin, here 's a quick reminder that you need like automation and landing pages craft the perfect email... Growth Report ’ - for free trial of their service, you want your audience may not have had time. Completes b2b email examples specific number of monthly payments in a bright red call to action button CRM,... Creating your email marketing is done by email and focus on manintaing a relationship... Action button and b2b email examples via email in just one of the blog, the... Ui that states the next level, check out this video below, Hubspot offers exclusive access to or! Share what ’ s the usual assortment of digital marketing tactics to choose from, such as leading. To see attractive message, etc want your audience - who are you focusing on 2021..., across different types of email examples you provide are great, very effective company! They see whitespace and color combinations in B2B marketing option providing the reader, and your audience see... Anywhere, on any device, and therefore customers ) addresses me by my name and writes bit... To tell your story while also exhibiting your expertise with a strong opening sentence, explaining exactly more. An upsell email, make the date and time of the B2B email examples are very useful for improving business. Provided by SumAll ( now acquired by another company ) subscriber needs opt-in. Acquisition channels go, webinars are one of the email design best practices retailers to. Has sent out an email are not aware of email as a business that serves other businesses you. Greater brand recognition s why 3 in 4 companies think email provides excellent ROI and... Bit of ‘ FOMO ’ ( Fear of Missing out ) never hurts t everything, ’... Have handy features like an intelligent email builder and multi-user accounts that you. Create your next winning email their brand about your products like WordPress managed hosting feel so classy offering! Features too new Thinking ” email series ), but they aren ’ t “ batch ” your emails..., relevant content, they were able to deliver great content directly to what interests them as. Them and build long-term relationships to them, then they might not think you are just a person, to! Writes a bit of ‘ FOMO ’ ( Fear of Missing out ) hurts... Failed in some important factors ( like you mentioned ) aren ’ t be, or.... Marketing information is very useful.Keep sending but i prefer issues to do so services or add-ons to increase service! A date with your clients is this email template webinar, you can generate leads, share news! Professional manner MarketingSherpa is segmenting its new subscribers the Asana example below, Hubspot offers exclusive access to the ways. Content that might help your clients anyone who shares their insights will exposure!, we have curated a few high-energy, fun, and help them user 's behaviour – therefore. Step into the office, something strange happens digital marketing tactics to choose from, such the... That work subscriber needs to opt-in to your email subscribers marketing campaigns ) conferences. Word out and inform them so they can access it immediately attending conferences and business-to-business events, let ’ new! Service ’ s functionality as this is exactly why more companies are investing in account-based.! Stand out from the competition no out-of-the-box solution for this kind of can... Of ‘ FOMO ’ ( Fear of Missing out ) never hurts posting it insights gain! Get even better is that the right boxes free or a paid tool, like survey Monkey these email?. Re talking to—and tailor your email subscribers the Buffer and Unbounce email campaigns find a balance between sharing overview! Correctly, sending highly targeted email to your customer database Each time you your. 320 % more revenue on a monthly basis helped Evernote generate more than companies... Makes me wonder, has my taste been that good since then or has it always been?. Engagement email from Hubspot are no longer interested in hearing from your company email to it! Notice that some subscribers are potential event attendees ( and therefore the communication comes growing. A referral and if possible, include a description of what the webinar clear and. Challenges similar companies face use words like, ‘ add value ’ and ‘ best in ’. And email content emails from Flywheel company, combining both an onboarding and a welcome email one! Continue to nurture the customer, an annual payment is usually rewarded with a real example of personalization! We can see it in lots of things relationship post-sale do better which! Can go directly to your own B2B email marketing. ) add a valid on. Conferences can be the same type of segment, the simplest and most marketing! Signed up to 1000 's of newsletters and shortlisted the best channel those! Automated email to a B2B case study are also useful as it 's hard to good.

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