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T is the variable to store the result and print it. WHILE num <> 0 r = num MOD 10 s = s * 10 + r num = INT(num / 10) WEND PRINT "the reversed number is "; s END. LOOP. . QBT9_6.BAS The loops are the While, Do Loop, and For loop. There are three types of loops for QBasic. When it gets to the Loop it goes back to the Do and tests condition again. Unknown March 1, 2017 at 7:54 AM. Warning Make sure that the loop has a condition that will end the loop. CLS. Here in this program we that variable b as base and h as height. WHILE x < 3 x = x + 1 PRINT x WEND DO x = x - 1 PRINT x LOOP UNTIL x <= 0.