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Congrats on the new 457. More from TTAG: Hunting with CZ-USA Suppressors and Firearms. With the quality, versatility, accuracy and straightforward operating systems of the 455s and popular American rimfire features, the performance and accuracy are … I have several. They are distinguished by their checkered Monte Carlo shaped Turkish walnut stocks and adjustable iron sights. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. SHOT Show – Boyds New At-One Thumbhole Gunstock Cocking indicator is seen on the rear of the bolt. Now while the CZ is likely the BEST bang for the buck out there, if you are expecting "tack driver" accuracy you … with its 16.5” heavy profile barrel and is … The finish on the Lux is a not-too-shiny semi-gloss. I secured a sample of the CZ 457 Lux in .22 WMR for testing. The second I saw it, it was very clear that this is a well-made and handsome rifle.  It was even throughout, as was the finish on the wood stock. The safety has migrated from the bolt to the right-hand side of the receiver. Feed is as the 452/455; with polymer, 5 and 10-shot single column box mags (5-rounder supplied), available calibres are 22 LR, 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (17HMR) and 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR). Magazine capacity is five rounds.  I immediately appreciated the short bolt travel and 60-degree throw when rapidly firing, and appreciated the very nice trigger when slow firing for accuracy. The special Manners carbon-fiber composite stock on the CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer/SR provides a rock-solid platform. There were no feeding issues from the rifle’s five-shot mag. The iron sights on the 457 Lux are easy to adjust.  My preference would be for a narrower sight blade for more precision with iron sights, but that’s a very minor quibble.  Thanks to Aguila and Hornady for providing ammunition. The magazine release is located at the forward end of the box.  This rifle was fun to shoot from the moment I first pushed off the safety. The CZ-USA 457 American Classic is a scaled down big-game rifle for small game in .22 Rimfire. CZ 457: Shots Fired. CZ USA have announced the introduction of an affordable, tack-driving precision chassis version of their rimfire 457 Varmint series of rifles.  If a classic looking rimfire with iron sights is something you seek, give the 457 Lux a look. Oldschool65: Thank you for that I will look into that and see what that is/does.  Though the 457’s trigger can be adjusted much lower, I saw no need. For test-firing the Model 457 American, I used a Weaver 1-3X scope in CZ steel mounts, and I fired five .17 HMR loads at 50 yards. The safety on the older ones is a bit annoying, but not an issue when seeing the quality and accuracy. Adjustable Iron, Integrated 11mm Dovetail, Aguila 40gr SJSP (Semi-Jacketed Soft Point): .65″, Iron sight factory range markings are pretty accurate, Front sight blade slightly too wide for precision use on varmints at longer ranges. The standard heavy-barreled version of the CZ 457, the Varmint has a .866” cylindrical barrel.  This minor issue can be remedied in myriad ways, however. Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. The CZ 457 will be offered initially in 16 different models, everything from heavy-barrel match target guns to suppressor-ready varmint models to a Scout/youth version.  Groups opened up to about 2″ at 50 yards, and at 100 yards the width of the front sight covers up a man-sized silhouette target.  CZ was kind enough to afford TFB the opportunity to try this new rifle out in a .22WMR chambering. CZ’s new Varmint Precision Chassis rifle seems best suited for this challenging shooting sport, competing against the likes of the Bergara B-14R Trainer, Savage MK II TRR-SR and Ruger Precision Rimfire. The CZ 457 is the best rimfire rifle that CZ has ever made, as it incorporates every lesson CZ has learned along the way. Centershot, Hikerbum & SockPuppet: Do any of you (or anyone else) know what the 4 tiny holes/cavities in the integral rimfire type "rail" on top of the 457 action are for or what they do?  The trigger had a tiny amount of pre travel and broke crisply at 3lbs 2 oz.  The checkering felt very good in the hand, not too sharp or too dull. Â. CZ-USA’s new Model 457 AT-­ONE rifle is well-engineered, sports an accurate barrel threaded for a suppressor and is married to a configurable laminate wood stock by Boyds. The story was it just came from an estate and the "negotiated price" was VERY pleasing to me.  Recoil and noise with all loads were negligible, as it should be with a .22WMR.  The sights, while crisp in most conditions, did have just a touch too shiny of finish on them under bright sunlight reflecting off of snow.  With a Nikon ProStaff Rimfire II mounted, I was ready to test for precision. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. CZ shows seven versions, all in walnut and blued steel, from the basic to the exotic. Now that I’ve seen the 457 Varmint MTR, the 10/22’s days are numbered; The 457 MTS is just plain beautiful in my eyes. Subjectively, I found the 457 Lux to be 100% reliable, reasonably accurate for caliber, with an excellent trigger, great looks, and lots of features for the price.  This allows for a markedly shorter bolt travel and smaller receiver footprint than the 455. I let other shooters, including some junior shooters of smaller stature, have a try with the 457 on my initial outing.  They are distinguished by their checkered Monte Carlo shaped Turkish walnut stocks and adjustable iron sights. It’s predecessors, the 455 and 452 series rimfires, were well made and generally well liked.  I did have to remove the rear iron sight in order to accommodate the bell of the scope. All: Finally got some halfassed shooting conditions today and took the CZ 457 in 22 Magnum with its new Leupold 6x18 variable scope back to my friends private 100 yard range. Chamberings include .17 HMR, .22 LR and .22 WMR. I really think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this rifle. This CZ 457 weighs 7 lbs. There is a 11mm groove on the top of the receiver for the attachment of a riflescope. CZ 457 At-One Varmint .22 LR 24" Threaded Barrel Laminate Stoc ... CZ 550 Safari Magnum .375 H&H Mag $ 1,116.00 (42) CZ91257 75 SHADOW 2 9MM 4.89" (3) 17RD MAGS|BLK W/BLUE GRIPS ... Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent Reviews. Overall performance of the rifle was very good. The new rifle, available in .22LR, will come in either 16.5 or 24 inch barrel configurations.  The 457 is updated with a slotted receiver. No such thing as 22 mag "match" ammo and that chambering has NEVER been known for accuracy. So, let’s look closer.  I was duly impressed. CZ was kind enough to afford TFB the opportunity to try this new … CZ products are imported exclusively by CZ-USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company, Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod, (CZUB) of the Czech Republic.  The stock snapped to the shoulder well enough, and the pad is just grippy enough without getting stuck on most types of clothing. Click Here To Enter. Qualities I appreciate about it are: Though the 455 and 452 are regarded as decent rifles, some idiosyncrasies existed in the previous series that CZ was aware of, and the 457 series seeks to remedy those points. Due to both Hornady and Aguila generously providing ammunition for this review, I was set to hit the range right away. For more detailed information on the CZ 457 Pro Varmint check out the video below created by TFB TV. The new 457 rimfire line from CZ brings a whole host of upgrades to their bolt action rimfire series. (Press release) The CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer/SR was designed by CZ-USA to provide a shooter with the same look and feel of a full-sized tactical rifle while allowing for more economical .22LR training.  Engineered with the preference of American shooters in mind, the safety is now push-to-fire.  I did hit some silhouettes using irons at that range, but gopher-sized precision is tough to achieve with the Lux’s Irons – perhaps a thinner front sight blade would do better.  Overall, I believe the Hornady 30gr V-Max would best serve users of the 457 Lux as far as accuracy and lethality on small varmints. The magazine box and magazine box housing are polymer, and the magazine box latches positively and audibly into the rifle. A quick rundown of the second batch of ammo I was able to test. Engraving the Royal Logo into the Stock is … Accuracy was basically similar.  To remove the rear sight from a CZ, press down on the rear sight and slide rearward.  Accuracy of this nature is fairly decent for a .22WMR. Thanks to CZ-USA for the opportunity.  Starting at 25 yards, groups of about .5″ were easy to obtain with all loads when using the iron sights.  I did not have one single malfunction in all 400 rounds fired through the gun. CZ 457 Varmint in caliber 22 Magnum.  The bolt knob runs no risk of interfering with one’s optics: the throw has been reduced from 90 to 60 degrees. The new CZ 457 model series could not be complete without the popular model with a varnished American style stock and a heavy 525 mm long barrel. CZ rimfire rifles are fantastic.  The base can be removed as well, as it is attached via screws on the 457, rather than welds with the older CZ rimfires. The “Lux” line of CZ rimfires represent a rifle with a touch of elegance. cz-usa 457 varmint precision trainer 22 lr cz02338 457 varm prec 22lr camo 16" tb 5rd mag | suppressor ready 22 lrupc: 806703023380 mfg mdl #: 02338 cz-usa … Not only does the heavy barrel make for good harmonics, it also allows the Varmint to perform well with a wide variety of rimfire loads, translating into an accurate platform for shooting targets or getting game.  I did find that the elevation markings on the rear sight base were usable and generally accurate out to 200 yards. I used a DIP (Diversified Innovative Products) rail with Warne rings and I'm quite happy with the set-up. Editor’s Note: This rifle was discontinued and replaced with the CZ 457 line in 2018 but it still available at many retail and online outlets. CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer Rifle 02138, 22 LR, 16.5 BBL, Bolt Action, Manners Comp T4 Camo Stock, Black Finish, 5 + 1 Rd Hinterland #: 51556 MFG #: 02138 CZ-USA was kind enough to send me some rings to mount to the 457 via the 11mm dovetail on the receiver. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As an understudy to a hunting rifle, the CZ 457 American offers the look and feel of a big-game rifle but in a rimfire. CZ 457 American Combo Packaged with both 22 LR and 17 HMR barrel sets, this rifle is easily swapped between the two.  The 457 AT-ONE or 457 Scout would be better suited for miniature marksmen.  I removed the rifle from the plastic sleeve and inserted the bolt, which is separate from the rifle in the box.   Objectively, the new rifles feature lighter weight, a much improved and fully adjustable trigger, shorter bolt throw and travel, a smaller receiver footprint, and a safety designed for American preferences, while still retaining the quick change barrels of their predecessors. Re: CZ 457 In 22 Magnum Followed Me Home! CZ 457 American. Not only does the heavy barrel make for good harmonics, it also allows the Varmint to perform well with a wide variety of rimfire loads, translating into an accurate platform for shooting targets or getting game. He is fortunate enough to have access to class 3 weaponry as well. Gun Review: CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool Suppressor-Ready Rifle. I think the best bargain out there in rimfire rifles today.  The fit and finish on this gun were very good, exceptional even for a rifle of its price point. The 22 Magnum cartridge had lost some favor with me over the last 17 years, ever since the superlative 17 HMR came onto the scene. Among .22LR rimfires, few have as good a reputation as the CZ Model 455, which is the latest incarnation of what used to be CZ’s 452 line. For $150 you can make it about any rimfire caliber you would like. I had an opportunity to shoot the .457 Varmint Match Target at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana.  I recorded an average muzzle velocity of 2269 fps with this load out of the 457 Lux’s 24.8″ cold hammer forged barrel. I think there is a market for a high Grade 22 Sporter, but that 457 Royal is one strange looking Rifle.  The receiver has also been slab-sided to further reduce weight. The improvements made on the CZ 455 to create the CZ 457 include shortening the action, cutting flats in the receiver sides, a new safety, an adjustable trigger and a 60-­degree bolt throw. CZ Magazine CZ 452, 453, 455, 457, 512 17 Hornady Mach 2 (HM2), 22 Long Rifle 5-Round Polymer Black  Of note: The junior shooters had no problem manipulating the bolt, but the drop of the comb of the stock was a bit too low for them to get a good cheek weld.  Just slide up and down to adjust for elevation, and click adjustments may be made for windage via a screw on the side of the rear sight. Results might surprise.Aquila super extracci greentageley targetsk rifle matchlapua center-x  The “Lux” line of CZ rimfires represent a rifle with a touch of elegance.  Speaking of the trigger, the 457 has received a major upgrade in that area:  The trigger is fully adjustable for weight, pre-travel, and overtravel. I was chasin a particular High Standard heavy barrel pistol this morning 75 miles east of my home when I ran across a mint condition (appears to be unfired and never had a scope on it!) CZ 457 Varmint in caliber 22 Magnum.  The first major difference starts with the receiver. The CZ 457 ships in a cardboard box, no case is provided.

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