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Where this scam all started

It is because for the last 150 years we have all been duped into a scam that was started by the greed of the American banking system.
This scam started in 1873 when Germany developed a little thing called the classical gold standard where what it enabled people to do instead of carrying around gold they could deposit it into the bank and get what was called a claim check from the bank for that amount of gold.

For example, in America, a $20 gold piece in the vault would give you a $20 claim check, much more transportable and divisible.

So you could go into the bank slap down your currency (claim check or paper money) which was a receipt for actual money (gold in the vault) ask for your money (gold or silver) and they would give it to you.

What this shows is that gold and silver is real money otherwise there would be no reason for any government to store gold in their vaults and then to print this currency that was backed by the gold. Money (Gold) is what gives confidence in currency (paper) and it gave governments the ability to start this SCAM in the first place where they could print these receipts for gold and then they can print more of them than gold that exists. See where we are going?

World war I

Printing more receipts than there was gold in the vaults started with World War 1 because all the combatants stopped redemption rights, this means that you could no longer go into the bank and trade your Pounds, Lira, German Marks, Suisse Franks for gold and the governments then just lit up the printing presses and started printing like mad.

Then what happened between the two great wars was that the world changed to a new currency called the gold exchange standard where currencies would be backed partially by gold, not fully. So, for instance in the US under the federal reserve act of 1913, the reserve was allowed to put $50 worth of claim checks into circulation, backed up by only $20 worth of gold (a 40%reserve ratio). For every $20 worth of gold, they could print and circulate $50 of claim checks. Hmmm the plot thickens.

Then we come to 1944, now during both wars, Europe had to buy their commodities from the US. Why pray to tell?
Well during World War I the US didn’t get into the war until the very end, they didn’t have troops on the ground until the last 6 months of the war. In world war II Hitler started saber-rattling in 1936, he annexed Austria in 1938 and invaded Poland in 1939. Pearl Harbour wasn’t until the end of 1941 and they didn’t have troops on the ground until 1942.

Look at it this way; you take all of your young men off the farms and turn them into soldiers, you take your factories that make toasters and they start making machine guns. Your factories that make cars are now building tanks. So you have turned your economy toward war and all your consumer goods and your grains have to then be imported from elsewhere. Europe had to import all this from the US and guess what? They paid them with gold.

This is where people believe this myth that war is good for the economy. It’s NOT unless your country’s not in the war and selling the countries that are at war all their consumer goods. Make sense?

The next currency

By the end of World War II the US reportedly had two thirds of all the worlds monetary gold (the Central Banks gold) and the rest of the world had to share the other third. Europe, unfortunately, had none; poor them (pardon the pun) and so the world monetary system was no longer going to work, it would collapse.

However the good old US had made all of these loans in dollars to Europe and was now flooded with dollars and something had to be done, so representatives from around the world met at a place called Bretton Woods New Hampshire in 1944 to try and come up with a new world monetary system. They did and it was called the Bretton Woods system (for obvious reasons). What this system said was that every currency on the planet with exception of a few would be backed by the US dollar and the US dollar would be backed by gold at $35 per ounce.

This was good as it gave confidence to all the currencies and thus gave the world stability, it pegged all the worlds currencies to each other through the dollar to gold (there was no such thing as the Forex) and exchange rates were fixed. This helped to make world trade BOOM. Good, right?

BUT WAIT, this is where the dollar standard starts because the US kept printing dollars under the Bretton Wood system and there was no reserve ratio established where the US had to have a certain amount of gold for how many dollars they created. See where this is going? Just keep printing, just keep printing, printing, printing.

USA at War

From the 1950s until the 1970’s the roles reversed, and the US went to war with Korea and then Vietnam. Deficit spending. But all they did was expand their currency supply and export it all over the world. They imported their commodities but instead of paying in gold they paid in dollars. Does anyone hear Alarm bells?

In the 60’s Charles De Gaulle who was the president of France at the time realised that the USA didn’t have the gold to back up their dollars and went on live TV to say that dollars are no longer as good as gold and that the world must go back to the way it was before the World Wars, back to the Gold Standard and the US must give back their gold in trade for the dollars.

At that point, other countries jumped on board and started asking for their gold back.
This caused the US to lose 50% of its gold between 1959 & 1971 but it was reported that in 1971 there were still about 12 times more dollars than they had created than there was gold in their reserves. This became a giant worldwide bank run with the USA being the bank because the US for the second time had committed a fraud and had created more receipts for gold than there was actual gold. It’s THAT SIMPLE.

Finally, the markets sensed this and Richard Nixon the president at the time was forced to take the US off of the gold standard because if he had paid out gold until it got to zero and the US couldn’t payout on some of those dollars, the ENTIRE monetary system would have collapsed.

Fiat Currency

And this brings us up to where we are today. On August 15th, 1971 all the worlds currencies became fiat, not pegged to anything and kind of floating around, up and down because there is no money backing them up and every time there is a crisis. Guess what??

They just light up the presses and print more. There have been thousands, upon thousands of fiat currencies throughout history and there isn’t one that has survived. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN A 100% FAILURES.

Look at the timeline above. You will see that the first monetary system lasted 30 to 40 years. Mmonetary system 2 lasted 30 years, monetary system 3 lasted 28 years. The current fiat system we have had for 45+ years.


The world WILL have a new monetary system in this decade – it is inevitable but not before the world experiences a huge deflationary crash because the governments will try to keep propping this scam up. This will cause huge hyperinflation all around the globe and don’t be naive to think it won’t.

It has already happened in countries like Venezuela, Cyprus & Zimbabwe. The question is not IF, it is WHEN.

The QUESTION then is what does the world always revert to?
For the last 5000 years, it has been GOLD.
But wait, there is a new currency on the rise – based on a disruptive technology. Ask us what it is.

We are currently going through the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world and you can be part of it.

Sean Maaske

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